Hemio e. V. – Statutes

Please note, that the following is only a short summary to aid those users that do not speak german. Only the german version itself is legally binding. If you have any questions plase don’t hesitate to ask us.


Free and open software and operating systems have existed for more than twenty years by now. While this, in theory, allows users to exchange information over the internet relying completely on their own hardware, the fact is, that this barely happens. The open source software is used widely to create the backend that the internet is relying upon, but most services are offered by few commercial providers. It is this commercial usergroup that most heavily influences the development of the free and open software.

We set ourselves the goal to enable more users of the internet to use it in a selfdetermined fashion. To this end it is necessary to develop free and open software that focuses on the provision of decentralized services; knowledge about the inner workings of all used technology has to be prepared such that it is easy-to-understand and has to be made available to as many people as possible. We want to present a possible culture of a free Internet by living it ourselves, collaboratively developing it and spreading the knowledge necessary for it.