Please note, that the following is only a short summary to aid those users that do not speak german. Only the german version itself is legally binding. If you have any questions plase don’t hesitate to ask us.


As a charitable organization the registered society Hemio e.V. is not profit oriented. Most services are not compensated at all. This means that the operation of the services is only possible due to donations and membership fees as well as the honorary work of our members. All members, the departments and the council aim to provide a stable and safe service offer, but we cannot guarantee the quality or even the continued existence of any of the services due to aforementioned reasons.

Most services are provided by Hemio e.V. directly. The respective userdata thus never leaves our servers. As is the case with any other Email provider, our administrators can technically access the content of sensible data such as Emails and address books stored on our servers. We value the privacy of our users very highly though and see ourselves bound by the secrecy of telecommunications laws. For any better privacy, end-to-end encryption is required by the users - regardless of their service providers.

For the legal terms of use please see the German version of this site.